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Area Inventory 2023 Results

Total Responses Demographics
24 Who are you? Area Trusted Servant Group Conscience Individual Member
7 1 16


Home Group Anchors Away Clean and Serene Live from Laramie
3 0 2
Nine Lives No Matter What Not Alone
0 0 1
On Life’s Terms Recovery and Chill Serenity Seekers
11 1 6
What services does the Wyo-Braska Area Service Committee (WBASC) provide to your Groups?
Website 70% Satisfactory
Meeting Lists 70% Satisfactory
Events 58% Needs Improvement
Public Relations 47% Needs Improvement
Hospital and Institutions Efforts 52% Needs Improvement
I do not know 23% Needs Improvement
Comments: 11% Confusion Events such as Unity day and others throughout the year
What services would you like the WBASC to provide?
Area’s Response
H&I We are currently seeking volunteers to take meetings into the jails.
Workshops A proposal on individual workshops have been sent out to the groups for approval.
I Don’t Know
More Events / Activities A proposal for project based services including events and activities has been sent out to the groups.
PR We currently have school panels in place, but have been trying to expand PR efforts since May 2023.
Fundraising/Merchandising We have new merchandise for sale now on a limited basis with the new logo.
Events and activities A proposal for project based services including events and activities has been sent out to the groups.
Printing Meeting Lists Area has always printed meeting lists for any group that has requested them.
Keep up developing what is already in place We have sent out proposals to the groups to find better ways to fill the needs of the groups.
Learning Days and Fundraisers Area presented a Learning Day event on December 2, 2023.
Is the WBASC financially fit to provide the needed services?
Yes 76%
No 23%
Comments: I’m not sure but area was wonderful Area needs to find ways to generate more income Hence the fundraising
Suggestions for preamble to meetings I have no idea. I guess if i went to area i would know, right!
Does the WBASC feel united?
Not at all 0%
Needs Improvement 37%
Adequate 37%
Outstanding 6%
Excellent 6%
I do not know 18%
Comments: Too much domination Loved area We’re getting there.
It will always need improvement. That being said, it is remarkable better than i’ve ever seen it
What things could the WBASC do to promote more unity?
Listen to members I can’t think of anything Workshops, travel to out of town meetings Need to find ways to include more than just Cheyenne and Laramie
More area sponsored events. Bring everyone together a little more often Educating all the groups on what it means to be autonomous when visiting other groups. Respecting the rooms you are in More events Unsure at this time
Do the Groups in the WBASC feel heard, supported and united by the area? 
Not at all 6%
Needs Improvement 18%
Adequate 50%
Outstanding 6%
Excellent 6%
I do not know 12%
Comment: Lack of turnover Worried about certain members not wanting to travel or keep our group within the area
Does your Homegroup participate at the WBASC?
Yes 93%
No 6%
Comments: Not sure We submit a GSR report but do not always have someone in attendance at area
What are the strengths of the WBASC?
Area business meetings are easy to attend and are organized and productive 38% Needs Improvement
All members are welcomed, included and encouraged to participate in the area business meetings 84% Highest Ranking
Area Trusted Servants are provided with enough training and information to fulfill their duties, they are knowledgeable and respond to questions in a timely manner 30% Needs Improvement
Area events and activities are well organized and focus on the primary purpose of NA 30% Needs Improvement
Groups and members are regularly informed of area business and events 69% Room for Improvement
The area website is informative and is user friendly 69% Room for Improvement


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