Area Re-Organization

This page is to assist any group or members of this area in re-organizing and reforming the Wyo-Braska Area Service Committee.

If there is interest in this service body, you may contact the area email address and request the information needed to start services back up.

mailto:[email protected].

The information that can be provided will include passwords and accesses to the website, the virtual platform Zoom, the area service Google group and any other needs.

The following services auto-renewals have been turned off; these are the dates they will no longer be available:


The domain expires on 9/3/2025.

Once this expires the website will no longer be online.

GoDaddy Web Hosting expires on 11/11/2025.

The area email for the website expires on 7/8/2025.

Virtual Platform Zoom:

The account will expire on May 14th, 2025.

Below are the recent guidelines for Project Based and Subcommittee Based Service:

WBASC Guidelines 2024 Project Based

WBASC Guidelines 2023

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